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About Us


Welcome to Treasure Coast Executives Association

The Treasure Coast Executives Association(TCEA) was founded in 2008 in Stuart, Florida and is a prestigious network of the area's top business leaders. TCEA is also a member the International Executives Association (IEA), which began in 1916. The IEA has more than 110 affiliated associations worldwide representing over 5,000 companies.

The Treasure Coast Executives Association (TCEA) is a dynamic organization dedicated to building and strengthening the businesses of our members through the exchange of leads, referrals and business-to-business relationships. We achieve this through bi-weekly meetings where members have the opportunity to network with one another, enjoy breakfast and hear an informative program presented by one of our member companies.

Only one business from each professional specialty is allowed to join the group. Please click on our Membership Page to see a listing of current members, and to learn if your business category might be open for admission.  Please note that Membership is by Invitation only, so if your category is available, you must contact a current member for an application.

The Treasure Coast Executive Association is a dues-based organization.  There is an initiation fee of $175 and Quarterly Dues in the amount of $245.

Our Mission

Our organization exists with the sole purpose of generating business for Member Firms.

Each member is committed to helping other members increase their business by providing leads and referrals, or with direct business exchanged between their companies.  In addition, members receive prompt, personal attention to their needs and requests from fellow members.

Our Participation

The Treasure Coast Executives Association meets every other Thursday at 7:15 am for breakfast. The meeting format includes brief introductions of each business present, discussion of association business and a 30-minute presentation by a member about their business. We finish the meeting promptly at 8:30. Generally, the presenting member hosts an evening social at the firm's place of business. We believe it is the evening events where the bonds of friendship are made that will last a lifetime.

Our Membership Responsibilities

Members actively provide business leads, referrals, and conduct direct business with other member firms.
Members are required to attend at least 50% of the bi-weekly breakfast meetings and open house "visitations" each year.
Member firms pay a one-time initiation fee and quarterly dues.
Member firms are required to make one "classification" presentation and host one open house "visitation" periodically, typically once every 12 to 18 months.

If you would like to contact us for any reason please use the provided form. If you are interested in joining the Treasure Coast Executives Association click here for more info.